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As of this Friday 5/8/2020 things will start getting back to near normal at the TruVu. PLEASE READ

RULE #1 – PARKING- Please park so that there is one car in the middle of every two speaker posts, this will ensure that all vehicles are spaced at least one space from each other. There will be an employee to help direct you for parking. Large vehicles need to park on the back of the property to ensure that they do not obstruct the view of the smaller vehicles that may be in attendance. Patrons that wish to sit in the back of their SUV need to also park in the back few rows so as to not obstruct the views of other patrons.

RULE #2 – RADIO’S- We will not be putting out the speakers because they could pose a contamination issue, so you will HAVE TO USE YOUR CAR RADIO OR BRING A PORTABLE ONE.

RULE #3 - YOU MUST STAY INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES EXCEPT TO DROP OFF OR PICK UP YOUR CONCESSION ORDER OR TO USE THE RESTROOMS. THE BED OF YOUR TRUCK IS NOW CONSIDERED WITHIN YOUR VEHICLE. WE MUST follow the Health Departments recommendations or we won't be able to continue to stay open. DO NOT set up chairs or blankets outside your vehicle. Normally you'd be able to do this at drive-ins but we are not in normal times.

RULE #4 - ZERO TRASH EVENT - We are also committed to the 100% safety of our employees. Please plan to take your trash with you to minimize any potential exposure to our staff.

RULE #5 - RESTROOMS - Restrooms are available but we need your help. We have an attendant to clean and sanitize them on a regular basis, but if someone notices something that needs attention please let us know so we can attend to it right away. When using the restrooms please remember to practice personal distancing for everyone's safety.

RULE #6 - CONCESSIONS - To order concessions feel free to come to the concessions stand, we are permitted to have up to 5 patrons in the concession stand at a time. See our website "" or our facebook page for a concession stand menu. Please wear a mask and maintain personal distancing protocols. We will call you when your order is ready to be picked up if you have ordered something that will take time to prepare. You may use cash or a credit card to pay for your order. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT MOST OF THE PROCEEDS NECESSARY TO OPERATE THE THEATRE ARE GENERATED THROUGH CONCESSION STAND SALES. IN ORDER TO KEEP THE TRU VU OPEN WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AT THE CONCESSION STAND.

RULE #7 - Please be kind when entering and exiting, let’s be honest, nobody is in a rush and nobody has anywhere to be right now, so be patient and kind and follow our traffic directors to make this an enjoyable experience for all.

We will start double features this coming weekend on 5/22. If the concession proceeds continue to increase we will continue with double features throughout the summer.


We will be suspending popcorn sales at the Egyptian for the time being because we are short staffed on the weekends when the Tru Vu is operating. Sorry for the inconvenience, maybe we can work out something where patrons can come out to the Tru Vu and pick up their popcorn.

See You At The Movies!!!

Ticket Prices:                                     (Service charge for online tickets)
Adults - $8.50
Seniors - 55+ $6.50
Children - 3-11 $6.50


Early Show: Spies In Disguise
​Rated PG 5/22 - 5/28, starts 5/22 at 8:45 pm 



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Tickets now on sale at the Egyptian and on line
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Tickets now on sale at the Egyptian and on line
Ticket Prices:                                   (Service charge for online tickets)
Adults 12 & up - $8.50 ea
Children 11 and under are free
​Credit Cards are now accepted!!
Late Show: Knives Out
​Rated PG 13 5/22 - 5/28 starts 5/22 at 10:45 pm
Fri. - Sat. 5/22 - 5/23
Sun. 5/24
​Mon. 5/25
Tues. 5/26
Wed. 5/27
Thurs. 5/28
Spies In Disguise 8:45 / Knives Out 10:45
Spies In Disguise 8:45 / Knives Out 10:45
Spies In Disguise 8:45 / Knives Out 10:45
Spies In Disguise 8:45 / Knives Out 10:45
Spies In Disguise 8:45 / Knives Out 10:45
Spies In Disguise 8:45 / Knives Out 10:45