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The Egyptian and Tru Vu Theatres have been a big part of Delta and Delta County for many years. We hope to keep it that way for many years to come, and with your help and understanding we plan to do just that and more. Jeanne and her family revitalized movie going for the residents of Delta and Delta County some 52 years ago and it is our goal to continue that tradition. Delta Theatres LLC strives to provide first run movies to the residents of Delta County on a year round basis, and is also pleased to provide alternative content for special occasions throughout the year. If you want to have the best movie experience Delta County has to offer, we invite you to come and watch your favorite movies with us.

Margaret Stalcup will assume management of the Egyptian and Tru Vu Theatres on Oct. 14, 2019, along with Jim and Jane Lane from Heber City Utah. For the past 14 years we have operated the Avon and Ideal Theatres in Heber, which we purchased from Jeanne back in 2005. Margaret will be joined a few weeks later by Jason Lane who will assist her in the operation of both venues from that point on. As a family we have recreated Jeanne's family legacy in Heber City and Wasatch County by restoring the Historic Avon and Ideal Theatres to their former glory making them the only source of movie going in Wasatch County, Utah.

With time comes change and everyone understands that businesses need to change with the times. Jeanne started this process by making both the Egyptian and Tru Vu Theatres digital back in 2009. We did the same for the Avon and Ideal in 2010. Most of you know that theatres must pay to obtain movies from studios and that studios need to pay to produce those movies. The costs for movie productions has risen over the years so much, that movie theatres have had to raise prices on tickets and concessions to compensate for the increased movie production and rental costs. The special treats that have made movie going such a memorable experience have become the main source of income for the theatre. Over the past 15 years we have seen movie rental costs rise from 45% of the ticket proceeds to 65% and more. On top of that we must pay ticketing fees and credit card processing fees (cash is always preferred). After all is said and done not much is left to pay the day to day operating costs of the theatres, let alone set aside resources for ongoing maintenance and future improvements. We will strive to keep the cost for attending the movies as low as possible, but please understand that without profit businesses do not remain in business. With that said, please understand that concessions are the life blood for the movie theatres and we hope everyone that attends the movies will help support the theatre by purchasing something from the concession stand.

Links to current and upcoming feature trailers are available on our new web page, and are posted to several local Facebook locations. Current and upcoming events are posted on a regular basis in a similar manner. The movie information line will remain unchanged and we will continue to post movie listings in several local publications along with radio announcements, as long as we see that these forms of advertisement meet the needs of the Egyptain and Tru Vu. Commercial ads for local and national businesses are going to remain, as they are a solid source of income utilized to maintain and upgrade projection equipment. Local businesses are encouraged to contact Margaret for information on how to place screen ads on the theatre screens.

Digital ticketing and online ticketing with Fandango along with our own online ticketing will be available, but please remember that online ticketing fees not only cost you extra, but also the theatre. If you utilize our online ticketing on the new web page you will find our fees are less then Fandango.

Bank night was a past practice at the Egyptain and we plan on reviving the practice with a few modifications. Local businesses will be invited to participate in giveaways on Friday or Saturday nights, and patrons will need to attend the movies and purchase a concession item in order to enter the giveaway. Winners will be announced before the movie. You don't need to be present to win, but you will need to provide contact information to the theatre in order to be notified when your entry is selected.

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